Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


The virtual gastric band therapy is sweeping the country. People are realising you can have all the benefits of a Gastric Band without ANY of the drawbacks or side effects, and it is a fraction of the cost. 

Chris Ashley is a qualified weight loss hypnotherapist practitioner.


It is a course of 4 sessions and follows the same procedure as a normal Gastric Band whilst in a relaxing, hypnotic state. You will feel as though you have undergone surgery without the pain, stitches etc. The purpose of the Hypno Gastric Band is to convince your subconscious mind to eat smaller portions and make healthy eating choices.

Cost effective, Safe, Successful Weight loss in Portsmouth

The cost is £250, as you can see, a mere fraction of the surgical cost, with none of the dangers. Excellent feedback from clients who have lost weight.

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