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About Christine Ashley

Christine Ashley, MINT, GQHP, MHSH

I am a fully qualified female hypnotherapist, committed to Continuous Professional Development, and I truly believe that Hypnotherapy can change your life. It is a privilege to work with clients and see them blossom from our work together. I am qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Hypno Gastric Band Specialist.

Hypnotherapy can change YOUR life

Whatever your problem, you will be treated with respect, compassion and in a totally confidential environment.

All clients receive a CD to play at home to continue the work with the subconscious mind and facilitating any behavioral changes that may be required – even if it is just learning to relax.

You will find the experience very relaxing and enjoyable


One of my proudest achievements since becoming a Hypnotherapist has been being able to help my own family through their problems/issues.

One of my daughters has been smoke-free since 2008 and I have helped numerous other clients and family members with problems that they have faced and I would really love to be able to help you.

Give me a call for an informal/no commitment chat on how I could able to help you too.

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To book your session today just follow the link to Paypal where a secure fast payment can be processed.This guarantees your appointment and is the start of your life style change. Made payable to chrisashley1949@hotmail.com

*non-refundable if appointment is cancelled without 24hrs prior notice

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If you have any questions about our services or wish to book an appointment then please feel free to call me on: 

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