Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth can help whatever fear or phobia you suffer from – there is no need to suffer any longer.

Common Phobias

Some of the more common phobias are – fear of flying, fear of dental treatment, travel sickness, exam nerves, fear of needles, fear of water, fear of spiders, fear of balloons, clowns, mice, snakes, heights and many, many more.

Hypnotherapy is very successful in these treatments. My oldest client is 93 and she has conquered her fear of snakes and heights as a result of having Hypnotherapy sessions with me, so it is never too late to improve your life.

Cure Phobias with Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth

Fears and Phobias usually appear as a result of something that has happened in your life, sometimes you may be aware when it started, but more often than not, people do not remember – they may have been a small child at the time. Sometimes it can also be a case of learned behavior, maybe another family member had the fear and you copied this reaction.

Hypnotherapy is very successful in banishing this fear for ever.

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