Tackling Depression

Understand, Anticipate and Reduce Symptoms

Hypnotherapy with Christine Ashley will help. Hypnotherapy can help stop the negative thought patterns that occur in depression.

Depression is more common than you may realise and is increasing in all age groups, particularly in the younger teenage group. Statistically, women are twice as likely to become depressed as men and depression is more common amongst those who have grown up with a parent who is depressed.

There are many misconceptions about depressed people and often they are told “to snap out of it” or “there are other people worse off than you”. This is certainly NOT an answer and often makes the person feel guilty or worse about their condition.

The Depressing Truth

Depression has many causes and many avenues of treatment. It can affect you physically, causing problems such as eating disorders, insomnia, lethargy, fatigue, and anxiety. Depression can affect your ability to think clearly, making it difficult to concentrate or make decisions. Poor memory and bad judgment are other symptoms.

Day to day living has become more stressful for some people. Changes in society, a higher divorce rate, job insecurity, or even body imagine – too fat or too thin, are all common factors. There are a growing number of issues which can lead to despair, frustration, anxiety, helplessness, or hopelessness. Of course, not all sufferers with these problems or stresses become depressed, however, there are many who go untreated either because they do not know they are depressed or because a doctor fails to diagnose it.

Underlying medical and psychological disorders that create depression may need a full investigation before you seek hypnotherapy. Biochemistry, chemical imbalances or incorrectly prescribed anti-depressants may be affecting your condition and require other forms of treatment.

Break the Pattern

Despite many side effects, medication can provide relief and, in some instances, is definitely required. So if you think you are suffering from depression, remember there are many treatment options to explore.

Whatever type of depression you have, it IS possible to break the pattern IF YOU WANT. Firstly, it is important to recognise depression and seek help specific to your individual needs.

A depressed person does the same old things, day in and day out, more than likely ruminating over the same old negative thoughts and problems. When you do something differently, you may find you get a different and much better result. Through hypnotherapy you can find out what to do differently, managing your depression and providing a better future for yourself.


Do not hesitate any longer, make that call for a better life – Hypnotherapy CAN help!

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