I am a Hypnotherapist based in Portsmouth and can help you overcome anxiety and addictions as well as much more.
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Read what other satisfied clients about their experience with Hypnotherapy with Christine Ashley

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for turning my life around. You were so patient, trustworthy and genuinely listened to me as well as helping me to take life changing steps in my life.Firstly, I have just celebrated the second anniversary as being a non-smoker. I must have saved myself a fortune in that time! More importantly for me though, I feel healthier and more alive than I had ever felt since being a teenager.

What is amazing is your sessions are so enjoyable and relaxing. It felt like having a massage for the mind. I felt it would be nice to write to you as I found our latest appointment even more profound.

When I came to see you again, I was hoping to be able to feel some improvement, but I had no idea how much we could get "sorted out" after just a couple of sessions. You might be interested to know that I have now enrolled at University and am taking all those steps we spoke about to make me feel happier. I really love life and can never thank you enough for that"

A. Sheppard - * This client Stopped Smoking, then came back for stress/lifestyle help.

"Thanks to you mum, I have kicked that horrible habit of smoking for good! I was a smoker from the age of about 12 up until 28! I had my first consultation back in 2008 and have had quite a few others along the way for other issues and can't thank you enough for all the help you've given over the years, my life is much more enriched with the help of your hypnotherapy skills and I could not of achieved these things without the power of hypnosis"

Z. Ashley - *Smoking client

"i have tried to give up many times before with no success , thought about hypnosis and gave it a go on 02/11/11 that was 3 weeks ago now and still no fags and no real cravings i would highly recommend this to anybody that truly wants to give up."

I. Amey - *Smoking client

After several failed attempts over the years to stop smoking I decided to try hypnotherapy. After 1 visit it has worked and I am now a non smoker

N. Howarth - *Smoking client

Worth every penny, am still not smoking Christine ty :)

Carl Bradshaw - *Smoking Client

Hi Chris, Going really well haven't smoked in 2 weeks and don't really crave at all. The cd is really good not just for smoking but also for relaxing and find I always awake refreshed after falling asleep to it

Craig, Portsmouth - *Smoking Client

Had an amazing relaxing evening with the best hypnotherapist in the world! Anyone who can make me relax for a whole hour deserves a medal!

D. Ryan - *Relaxation