I am a Hypnotherapist based in Portsmouth and can help you overcome anxiety and addictions as well as much more.
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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep and natural state of physical relaxation and heightened awareness, it feels like day-dreaming. It tunes into the subconcious mind where beliefs and behaviour learned throughout our lives are stored. These are the building blocks with which our emotional intelligence and personality are constructed. Hypnosis has proved to be a powerful tool for maintaining well-being and restoring our peace of mind.

Many people who struggle to deal with stress and anxiety, weight loss, problems or bad habits for years and find that hypnotherapy works when willpower alone cannot, enabling them to make positive, lasting changes with ease.

These very technical methods can be used to help people overcome their troubles, At Therapy in Salisbury we use these methods along with our technical approaches to ensure your issues are resolved.

All my clients experience a deep relaxation and feeling of well being.

Why use Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth?

Hypnosis is a pleasant state of deep relaxation. Just one session can be incredibly uplifting and give immediate relief for a variety of symptoms; stress and anxiety, phobias etc

Unlike many kinds of medication, Hypnotherapy has no unpleasant side effects.

Current hypnotherapy techniques enable persistant or even lifelong conditions to be treated rapidly and for good e.g. stress and anxiety, weight loss, the list is endless!

Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth is a widely accepted alternative to conventional treatment for a range of problems.

Hypnotherapy is not a long term treatment. Most people need fewer than six hour long sessions to achieve their goal.

Imagine! No more barriers holding you back. Hypnotherapy can cut through that phobia, stress and anxiety, fear, weight loss, FOR GOOD